CTC Green day 2015 Regional Post event update - Pondicherry, Madurai & Nellai

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

CTC-Green Day an annual event organized by Chennai Trekking Club across various cities to promote green cover in major cities. 

This year it happened on August 30 2015.

Along with Chennai, volunteers from 3 other major cities joined in.

City : Pondicherry
Team : Chennai Trekking Club
Location : Krishna Nagar and Moola kulam
Planted Saplings : 50

Writeup by Anchana : To have a lush green nature and to help our future generations to have a pollution free environment we the volunteers along with CTC have made again an attempt in planting tree saplings at Pondicherry university. With  Kannan and Malan were the organizer about 14 members gathered in the venue ie. Thiruvalluvar stadium, Pondicherry University by 9AM, though we had plans to start the event by 7.30AM. Along with well known faces of the organization there were also new members who joined hands in this event and made it a successful one. Even though the event started a bit late with sun tanning our skin silently and trying to make us tired we didn’t feel so because of the jokes cracked in between and by the funny talks. As energy drink, the organizer arranged for lemon juice and butter milk for which we had friendly arguments as who drank almost all the drink. 

In middle of all this fun we planted about 40+ saplings and watered it, and the event came to end by 12.30PM. After this we had an interaction session where all the members introduced themselves in which a person from the NGO vazhai and another person who is a member of…… shared their views about the event. Also we had discussions about the future events. Finally we all went to juice shop and dispersed from there with a strong message imprinted in our minds to save our mother earth.

City : Madurai
Team : Maram Madurai
Location : Ulaganeri near High Court
Planted Saplings : 55

Madurai friends "Maram Madurai" celebrated CTC-Green day by planting 55 Saplings at Ulaganeri, near High court branch. Maram Madurai friends participated in last years Green day and Indian Clean sweep mission as well.

For any plantation or conservation related activities near Madurai please reach out to Prasanth of Maram madurai : https://www.facebook.com/marammadurai?fref=ts. This team conducts plantation/maintenance events every weekend in and around Madurai.
City : Tirunelveli
Planted/Distribtued Saplings : 25

Nellai Nature Club Team, celebrated Green day with plantation and distribution of 25 Saplings. Volunteers took oath to water and maintain the saplings regularly. Nellai Nature Club has participated in last years Green day and all editions of India Clean sweep mission as well.

For various activities of Nellai Nature Club follow : https://www.facebook.com/NellaiNatureClub?fref=ts.



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