Writeup by Kathirvel & Sylvia Nelson

Monday, June 29, 2015

Writeup by Kathirvel:

I am always excited when comes to Promod and Noel organization of Photographic events. The surprise for participants will always be there.

PC: Shanmugasundaram

I have been to ICF museum earlier once with almost same team. This time under the hot sun its little bit difficult even to stand for five minutes. Somehow everyone managed to take some pics of museum and had introduction chats with everyone. At this time everyone was waiting to see the students performing the malarkambam arts. For this we traveled to ICF ground which is nearby to the museum.

PC: Heaven Guy

The surprise has just started, wherein we can see 70 students (65 kids, 5 adults approx.), were practicing for the performance. Just imagine kids under 10 years are practicing the toughest martial arts. It was nice treat to the eyes. With no wasting of time all the fellow photographers started to take the practice session of kids.

PC: Kathirvel

After the small intro session on malarkambam (thanks to Murali sir on bold voice), first boys started to perform on the malarkambam. They have handled the flower post (malarkambam :P) as it like it’s in horizontal rather it is vertically inclined. It’s Goosebumps all over wherein I stopped taking photos so that I should not miss any glances of the kid’s performance. Following to those kids, adults started performing the rigid arts very boldly.

PC: Noel
To give rest to boys, cute little girls started performing the art with the ropes. They were performing all the yoga asana in the ropes wherein it is tied with long metal steal.
The Best part is the coach, RPF police is doing these coaching in his leisure time without getting any money from the kids. Awesomeness is when you see this kind of persons in the world.

PC: Noel
There is an example for us to victimize how his coaching would be. 

PC: Kathirvel

Three boys were performing human flag formation in the malarkambam where the photographers were focusing all the three boys. Suddenly a boy in the middle post fell sudden and there is some confusion. The coach rushed to him and checked his condition wherein the other two boys were asked to perform without stopping.
I was thinking the kid would be demotivated and there comes the twist, after two boys completing their performance , the coach asked the boy who fell down to perform again with his load voice "do it with full intense now" and the kid was doing it this time without any flaw and all the photographers are now focusing on the boy alone and I am sure the kid must felt happy at that time because all the photographers (more than 20) photographers surrounded him to take his performance snap :D . And i am truly saying that kid performed like a prodigy in second time all credits goes to his inspirational coach, these kind of coaches are very rare to see because motivation factor is very important to the kids while they fail  and this coach know it very well.      

Worst part comes here, Self-introduction. You can’t escape out of this and after our self intro we waved our hands to each one of them with feeling the day well spent.

Thanks Pramod and Noel :) looking for more events.

PC: Noel

Writeup by Sylvia Nelson:

So here I was on my first ever photowalk on a hot summer’s day in May. Had no ideas what to expect but chose to go with the flow. Unknowingly I ended up calling a film artist for a ride, which to my surprise he agreed to. I still owe you Murali Sir and thank you for your lovely gesture.
We trickled into the ICF Rail Museum around 2pm on the afternoon of May 24th. Noel and Pramod helped with the entry formalities and we walked into the exhibit halls. We were greeted by strange locomotive parts, a compartment module, an old vintage car and even a potter’s wheel, the group moved on after a glance at the narrations.

PC: Sylvia

The exhibits on the second floor included numerous engine/train models- from the old to the new, clearly showcasing the Indian Railways evolution over the years. 

PC: Sylvia

More realistic rail engines and bogies lined our path to the second museum block.
PC: Sylvia

The second block was better maintained with the exhibits displayed in an orderly manner. Again, engine/train models, Signal lamps, set of rail tracks and a record of celebrity visits were on display. My favorites-  The Queen’s autograph and some mementos on the walls.

PC: Sylvia

Though most of us were thoroughly drained out in the scorching heat, we did not miss out on a train ride round the museum through a dummy tunnel.


After a few group photographs and not to forget ‘selfies’ ,we headed to a nearby playground for the second session of the photo tour. All I knew we were about to meet kids practicing martial arts. Save the best for last is what they say- and indeed that  was in store.
The performance made our slouching souls sit up and watch a bunch of energized kids and coach perform some difficult manouvres on poles and ropes, with absolute ease. I must mention I almost forgot I had to come to click pictures and was transformed into a world of poles, yoga, somersaults with such control,poise and dedication . The young girls climbed ropes suspended from a height and performed acrobatic routines, constantly cheered by their coach and onlookers. There were loud applause after every drill.

PC: Heaven Guy

 Pictures speak more than words and I’ll let my amateur photographs take over, while I go back in time, thinking of the  little ones practice ‘mallar kambam’ with a sweet smile every day.

PC: Noel



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