Chennai Coastal Cleanup/6 - Prep mailer

Thursday, June 4, 2015
Thank you for registering for this Sunday's Chennai Coastal Cleanup - 6. Please read carefully through the prep mailer below in order to ensure a smooth proceeding on Sunday morning.


To avoid delays in start we request you to report sharp on time at your respective assembly point at the indicated timing below. In case of any doubts / queries feel free to contact the corresponding coordinator. We will be car/bike pooling together from these assembly points to the respective beach zones where the cleanup will start 6am sharp. 

Assembly PointTimeCoordinatorContact
Adyar - Rainforest restaurant near flyover5:30amShyam9003074440
Ashok Pillar - Udayam Theatre5amGanesh9003259872
Besant Nagar - Eliot beach police booth5:50amArunajadesh9489775471
Guindy - Mount Road opposite railway station5:15amMano9840652404
Koyambedu - petrol bunk opposite CMBT5amChellababu9940095978
Marina lighthouse - behind lighthouse6amAshok9382577264
Tamabaram - bus stand5amManojkumar9551055536
Tirunmangalam signal - Anna Nagar West bus depot5amArun9791179205
Tirunvanmiyur - Adyar Bakery5:30amBalaji9941615365
Velachery - opposite Vijayanagar bus stop5:15amVelmurugan9944225211

To recycle and reuse maximum garbage collected we will be segregating garbage in three main categories. Familiarize yourself with each of these:
  • 1. Glass Bottles : (Alcohol Bottles, Broken Glass pieces, Broken Glass bottles, Glass Medicinal Bottles and other Glass Items)
  • 2. Recyclables   : (All polythene wrappers, Carry Bags, PET Bottles, Plastic Containers, Water Pockets, Thermocol, Milk Covers, Shoes, Slippers, Papers, Card-boards and all kind of Plastic materials)
  • 3. Others          : (Fishing Nets, Styrofoam, flowers, Co-count shells, Organic Wastes, Cloths, wooden scraps, ropes and anything not covered in the above two categories)


1. Why do we have this classification of garbage into three categories
There is one and only one reason -To recycle and reuse the garbage collected.
To enable recycling to the maximum extent, source segregation is the key and hence the classification.

2. Do I pick the garbage with my bare hands?

No way will we let you do that. You will be given one glove (Not a pair. Optimum utilization you see! ). Wear it before you pick up anything.

3. How do I collect the garbage I pick?

Step 1: Choose a partner

Step 2: Collect a re-usable collecting bag from your coordinator

Step 3: Share the bag with your partner and start picking garbage. Teamwork :)
4. Do I collect glass bottles with the same gloves? Won’t it hurt?

You have a valid point! You cannot collect glass bottles with the thin gloves. So if you are assigned the category one, then ensure that you get the separate thick gloves to pick glass and a separate jute bag to collect.

5. What do I do when my bag is full?

Collection points will be assigned for your zone of which your coordinator will inform you about. A volunteer will be stationed at the point to guide you.
If you are collecting glass, just leave the filled up bag at the collection point and get a new bag.
If you are collecting plastics or others, dump them into the big bags kept at the collection points and resume your work with the emptied bag.

6. What happens to the collected garbage?

Ok now you are getting to the point! This is the question we love to answer.
As we already said, our mission is to recycle the maximum (We recycled 80% of the 50 ton garbage that we picked up last year). So all the piles of garbage mounted at the collection points will be loaded onto trucks.  The recyclables – glass and plastics – will be taken to the recycling yard of our official recycling partner EARTH RECYCLER, where it would be recycled. ( We have been contributing to the Madambakkam panchayat to lay plastic roads)
The others category waste will be sent to the dump yard of the Chennai Corporation where it will be let to decompose.

7. Do you guys sell the garbage? Are you guys earning money from our efforts?

We wish we could make some money (Just kidding). The truth is No. We are not selling the garbage.
It costs us way too much to arrange for the event, the transportation and all other necessary items. We make hardly anything to cover-up these expenses. All these years we have managed the show only with the support of our sponsors and patrons. As we would like to put it, this is not a business; it’s a team effort to bring about some self-realization to the people.

8. What will you guys do if you get money out of the garbage this year?

Party?!?! Ha ha.. Without any doubt, the collections would be directed towards next year’s cleanup.

9. Seriously! What do you guys get out of this event?

The satisfaction that we tried. That we made a difference. That we were able to start a change.



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