Saturday, June 6, 2015

In this "Role Models" series of the #ChennaiCoastalCleanup we are sharing some most inspirational stories with you from neighborhoods, companies, individuals with you who are the change:

Ever wondered where “FOOD” comes from?  
The origin of food?
The travel it made to reach us? 
The people involved in production?
Food shapes cities, and through them, it molds us – along with the countryside that feeds us.
Our ancestors never took food for granted. The bond between man and grain dominated life in the ancient city, with festivals that mirrored the agricultural calendar.

“We are what we eat” said and done by great men. But do we eat what we really need to?
As civilization is city centric it is hardly surprising that we have inherited a lopsided view of urban- rural relationship.
The need for the hour is to REFRESH ourselves. To go back to past and to reconnect with what we were years back. F5 Green is an organization which makes us to refresh, reconnect and revive the urban – rural relationship. A relationship which needs to be re-looked and to be understood to realize what molds us.
 We find “ORGANIC here …and ORGANIC there…” but have we ever wondered what it really means? Why organic?

The mission of F5 green answers to all the questions that run in our minds.
Mission of F5 Green:
1.     5 R’s Strategy: Refresh, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Reconnect
2.     Farm to farm concept
3.     Bring-in cost effective, new technologies in farming methods
4.     Promote Public Participation and emphasis on Women Empowerment
5.     Sustainable Farming Solution ,Training and on-farm consultancy services
6.     Unite & motivate the farmers to switch-over to Organic Farming
7.     Identifying potential lands for organic cultivation
8.     Create Seed Banks & Farmers Network to share the seeds & knowledge
9.     Create water sheds in rain-fed/arid farming regions
10.   Promotes locally produced and seasonal food

F5 Green develops a platform to create a Sustainable Farming Solution that Connects Farm & Home in order to provide a balanced opening for improving the livelihood of farmers and easy reach to healthy food for consumers. Sustainable Farming is a timely solution and a major contributor to maintain the beautiful chain of Bio-diversity. It is a wonderful way to reduce the usage of water resources in agriculture, to improve the soil nutrition, to create a sustainable livelihood for farmers, healthy nutritive food, a green planet, reduced risk of chronic life-style prone diseases and creating real wealth to future generation. We being “THE CONSUMERS” need to take a stand in the role we play in building our society and not just exist but CO-EXIST.
Some of the initiatives taken by F5 green are as follows:
The Vision of Green café to is to be a part of the Farm to Farm Concept that brings a Healthy Diet to the Humankind & the Planet and to present Healthy Organic Food to the public under hygienic & aesthetic atmosphere that brings peace & happiness both to the body and mind.
The Vision of organic mudra is to serve as an interface to promote organic products.

After the cleanup on Sunday morning don't miss out to collect your terracotta CCC6 cup with your beach zone coordinator. The mug is sponsored by Organic Green Cafe T Nagar.




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