India Clean Sweep II - Hyderabad, Madurai and Dharmapuri

Saturday, May 30, 2015
India Clean Sweep is an annual event organized by Chennai Trekking Club. Started in 2014, in its first year cleaning activities were organized at 10 different cities in South India. 

This year we are spreading across to 11 Cities, which will be participating in the mega event planned on June 7.

It’s time to introduce the participating cities and the teams which will be coordinating the event. Below are the team/event details of the second 3 cities participating in this year India Clean Sweep.

Team: Great Hyderabad Adventure club
Location: Moula Ali and Kajaguda Lake
  Great Hyderabad Adventure club GHAC is open to all and belongs to its members. It is totally volunteer based club. We have a group of about 100 trained volunteers who are called group leaders, and known as organisers on the meetup website platform. They have been chosen for their ability to lead a group and serve selflessly. The club actively looks out for experienced members who love to share their passion and give back to the community.

The experienced and trained organisers conduct a range of adventure activities from Rock climbing, Rappelling, Bouldering, Water Rafting, Sea sailing, trekking, Jungle Treks, Scaling hillocks, camping, caving, mountain climbing, para sailing, scuba diving, exploring new places and anything that spells adventure.

GHAC has planned to clean the famous hiking spots of Hyderabad Moula Ali and Kajaguda Lake and also Tank Bund near Hussain Sagar Lake. 

Registration for Moula Ali cleanup:

Registration for Khajaguda cleanup:

For Registration for other clean up's please follow GHAC FB page:


Team: Maram Madurai
Waste Management Awareness Campaign in Apartments.

Maram Madurai Started on 30 June 2014 is a team of young vibrant students doing social activities such as Tree plantation, Organic farming, Cleanup of Lakes,ponds. Water conservation activities, Awareness campaigns. The effort put by the team in making Madurai a better place was fantastic.
As part of India Clean Sweep -2015, the team have planned work on Sustainable waste management in Apartments in MAdurai.Aim is to minimise the generation of garbage and proper management of remaining waste.

For registration and all event details, please follow FB page Team link:
For volunteering and details, Contact : Prasanth - 8643050002

Team: Anbum Aramum
Location: Ramakkal Lake

Anbum Aramum: Is about giving back to society. Team's mission is planting trees and educating children about nature and importance of ecosystem.

Team is organizing Plantation drives and clean up at Dharmapuri
As part of India Clean Sweep initiative, this team is planned to clean Ramakkal Lake.

For details follow FB page: Anbum Aramum

Registration Link:

Contact: Vijay - 8807587774
Chennai Coastal Cleanup/India Clean Sweep



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