Chennai Coastal Cleanup - Call for volunteers - Recycle Shops, Plastic Free Shopping

Thursday, May 7, 2015
As part of the #ChennaiCoastalCleanup we are engaging in a series of initiatives to create awareness and take concrete steps towards reducing the use of plastics in our day to day lives which are harmful for the environment and our health. Below are two initiatives for which we require your help. Please take a moment to read through these and participate if interested:

1. Recycle Shops

As part of our awareness campaign for this year Chennai Coastal Cleanup,
we would like introduce you Chennai's most service oriented people with
respect to waste management. The recycling shops in chennai plays
huge role in segregating,recycling the wastes which in turn reduces
 the garbage being dumped in dump yards. Volunteers are required to
contact your nearby recycling shops/paper mart shops to be part of our
initiative. Let's connect the people who are in need and the people who serves.
Let's form a waste network smile emoticon Waste is not a waste until
it is wasted. #ChennaiCoastalCleanup

Register the contacts in the form -

Manikandan  -

2. Plastic Free Shopping

Action Plan: 

Identifying the Grocery Shops who packs the items in Eco Friendly Materials

Plan Description:

Unavoidably Polythene has become one part of our body in recent years. In our day today life, 75% of products/materials which we have been using contains the plastic. In olden days, our Parents and Grand Parents were not practiced to use the plastics

Our main plan is to reduce the plastics consumption while purchasing the groceries from shops. Probably more than 70% grocery items can be purchased without plastics from the local market. So we are planning to identify the local/nearby whole sale shops who sells the groceries in Eco-Friendly material. 


1. Identify/Talk with a shop owner about the impacts of Polythene avoidance in our life.
2. Convey your interest on purchasing the grocery items along with the interested people
3. Ensure and give confident him that more people are interested to purchase the groceries without plastics/polythenes
4. Collect the necessary details like Name of the Shop, Contact Number, Land Mark, Address and list of grocery items he can pack in Eco-Friendly material.

General Questions and Answers:

Q: Will the grocery items be good, if we purchase from local shops?
A: Definitely we can get the good quality grocery items from local market. 

Q: How can I purchase Oil from local shops?
A: You need to carry a reusable Oil can to purchase the Oil. 

Q: How can I keep the items which are packed in paper after I opened?
A: Well. We can purchase reusable grocery containers to keep the items and Horlicks bottles to store the grocery Items.

Q: Can we buy all the grocery items without plastics?
A: No. It's not possible to purchase all the items without plastics. But we can reduce the amount of garbage which we are generating. 

Interested people, please visit any of your nearby shops and collect the necessary details in the below Google Form. Once we collected the shop details across the City, we can share it with CTC members to make use of it.

Manoj - 9551055536 -



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