Chennai Coastal Cleanup 2015 - Plastic Mela, May 30-31

Friday, May 8, 2015
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Chennai Coastal Cleanup 2015 - Plastic Mela, May 30-31

This initiative is intended to bring a huge awareness among friends,family and colleagues towards recycling plastics. It's really high time to spread the awareness about plastics and importantly recycling the plastic wastes ( Thin and Thick )

As part of the #NoPlasticChallenge, Few of our volunteers shared their idea of collecting thin plastics after use in home and dispatch them to lay plastic tar roads. During our CCC-4, Most of the plastics collected from beaches has been segregated and dispatched to Hand in Hand NGO, Madambakkam to lay plastic tar roads.

Refer the below post :

We try to avoid/reduce plastics in our day to day life style but we can't avoid to some extent, say most of the super market items are packed in thin plastics ( example : Soap,Oil,Masala items ). Most of these thin plastics are one time use and doesn't reach recycling shops too.
So, Why don't we take a step forwards towards recycling such thin plastics and use them for plastic roads in chennai ?

Plastic roads looks a better option for recycling thin plastics that we generate at our home than dispatching all those wastes to Dump yards - Land fill.

Required Actions from participants

If any plastics are mixed with food items then wash them and make it as good plastic - Thumb rule.
  • Collect Thin plastic separately - For laying plastic roads
  • Collect Thick plastics separately - That will be dispatched to our official recycling partner - Earth Recyclers for recycling
  • Collect Other wastes separately - Papers,cardboard boxes and all other wastes - It will be dispatched to Earth Recyclers for recycling
Start collecting/storing the good plastic wastes ( after washing ) from today once you are registered, We will reach your home or a common point for each area to receive the wastes. More information will be shared to registered participants.

Read more about Plastic roads -

Refer few posts of CTCian to know more about this.

​Thin plastic

Thick plastic

Chennai Coastal Clean-up Team



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