Post Event Write-up - CTC Ainthinai's Saplings Maintenance Drive III @Manappakkam, April 5

Sunday, April 12, 2015
Wonderful write-up from P.S.Sridharan Sir.

I am trying my hand in a write up.

I got a call on Sat  from one of the participant to confirm about participating and mode of transport. Good start as the volunteer had fulfilled his assignment. On Sun morning all assembled before Trade Center as scheduled many in bikes and one with his car. The car was handy for making couple of trips during the maintenance work as well for safe custody of all the shoulder bags. The cute girl of 8th. Std. was all the time  quenching the thirst of the participants apart from her self doing and learning about the mulching. Mr. Irrulandi sir talked about  the benefit of mulching, 

Since we have located two coconut OLAI bundles in the vicinity it came handy.  Lot of dry grass and material adjacent to the work place made it easy. It was fulfilling job and most of the time sun god was showing his mercy and wind god also kept a cool breeze, 

Hero of the day:

In my opinion it was none other than Mr. Irulandi Sir himself.

He was there at the start of the job till the last batch left the area. He could have spend his week end with his family after organizing and getting the work progress through cell from Ela  but he has also put his hand and worked with us which is abnormal. He had hosted a quality and quantity breakfast personally bringing from the hotel. Here only he used his position to get the breakfast in the containers as our aim is no to plastics and he said now on he will direct the visitors to the area under his control not to bring plastic.

Normally we always give the maid servant the left out after filling our belly. But here is a person who called the maid servant as soon as the food arrived and given to her first. When lot of food was left out he went to nearby building called the watchman and shared with him. You just can not imagine in India a senior officer sitting next to a watchman and eating. These things made me to call him as hero of the day. there was one more gentle man came along with him at the start up.   Dear friends, the residents of the River view is fortunate to have him in their locality. He has hosted us the breakfast though it is customary we normally have contributed breakfast.

It is good our team leaders had developed a good relation ship with him and he will be source for our tree plantation programs. 
I wish every one will join me in calling him as hero the day.
When we were waiting for the breakfast it was a great treat by the very young girl by singing couple of songs. We enjoyed it. One of team leader Blood Mani also sang a beautiful song Thodudayan.

At the end we after our good by drinks came to know the Birth day another young participants. Instead of spending the day with his near and dears in hotel or elsewhere he opted for a great work. I congratulate him for his decision. He is our second hero.
To end up let us not follow some of the residents who were on their morning walk. They are elite people holding good position in Govt. but not even one smiled us and talked to us or inquired about the work. Though you are 24 hr Govt. servant once we come out we should mingle with others and for this reason alone I choose Mr. Irulandi sir as hero of the day. God bless him.
Couple of person were on their mobile directing their staff what to do which means they have given importance to the tree maintaining program.
At the end it was very much satisfying day meticulously planned by ELA, Blood Mani.
Thank you all and have a good day.



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