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Friday, April 17, 2015
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How does it work?

1. This challenge will begin on 10th April 2015 and will be open till 06th June 2015.
2. Read the rules carefully and accept the challenge.
3. Make the #NoPlasticChallenge poster delivered to you as your FB / Twitter cover page as a sign of acceptance (based on whichever social networking site you frequently use).
4. Get yourselves familiar with the list of “Day-to-day activities where plastics can be avoided”
5. This list will be continuously updated as we proceed along. Anyone can contribute to this list by posting a status/tweeting your idea with hashtag #NoPlasticChallenge. We will validate and include it in the list.
6. Now start posting pictures from Day 1 to Day 5 (in case of FB make the post publicly visible for us to verify), with both the hashtags #NoPlasticChallenge &#ChennaiCoastalCleanup
“Day 1: As part of CTC’s #ChennaiCoastalCleanup #NoPlasticChallenge I (Brief description about what did you do for today’s challenge)
Follow the same till Day 5.
7. Plastic avoiding activity which you have followed should be clearly visible in the photograph (for eg., If you are drinking coffee in your office using Coffee mug instead of paper cups, you preferably with a funny face and your coffee mug should be visible in the picture).
8. You should post minimum of 1 picture per day in the period of 5 continuous days.
9. You cannot post a picture with the same activity in more than one occasion, however we expect you to continue the activity for the entire period of 5 days and beyond.

10. There is no restriction to the no. of pictures you could post with the challenge hashtag, every additional picture you post increases your chance of featuring in CTC’s #CCC Wall of Honours list.
11. On completing the challenge (Day 6) your FB/Twitter page will be verified by CTC and if you are successful you will be informed. You can download your winning FB/Twitter poster, which you can proudly use it as your cover page and showcase your commitment and the kind of impact you have created to your family and friends. You will also get a chance to feature in CTC’s #CCC Wall of Honours list.
12. Now invite 5 of your friends for this challenge (You can invite your friends only after you are informed by CTC) and feel happy for spreading the awareness all around.
13. You will be notified once your invitees complete the challenge. You can invite 5 additional friends for the challenge, only if all your previous invitees have completed the challenge which will be confirmed by CTC. It is your responsibility to nominate the right person who will be proud of participating in this challenge and can spread the awareness.
14. If your invitee has not accepted your challenge with 48 hours, you can invite someone else in their place.
15. Before inviting your friends, you can verify your invitees’ FB/Twitter cover page and ensure that they were not nominated earlier by someone else.
16. If an invitee gets a second invite, we would like to urge the invitee to reject the Challenge immediately stating the reason
17. We do accept the fact that we will not be in a position to monitor the contestants every activity for the 5 days but we will be able to judge only based on the pictures posted by the contestants themselves. Hence we request the contestants to take this challenge with 100% commitment and create an impact in our society
18. We will publish the #NoPlasticChallenge weekly statistics on every Wednesday in the page. 

Like the page Look forward for your name to feature in the list
a. No of people accepted the challenge
b. No. of people completed the challenge
c. #CCC Wall of Honours list
i. Top 5 contestants adhering to maximum number of activities mentioned in the list
ii. Top 3 contestants who have invited and spread the awareness to maximum no. of people (This will be published starting from week 3)

What will I get?
• Personal satisfaction for spreading the well-deserved awareness among your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and the society!
• Slowly get rid of dependency on plastics and pave way for a greener tomorrow!
• Be part of a social cause which is going to help our future generations to live on this Earth!
• Look forward for your name to feature in this list CTC’s #CCC Wall of Honours list!

So now are you game for it?

Go fill you Twitter/FB walls with the most inspiring pictures and get a chance to feature in CTC’s #CCC Wall of Honours list. Feel proud for being committed to a Greener tomorrow!

Examples Round #1

Day 1: ‪#‎ChennaiCoastalCleanup‬ #‎NoPlasticChallenge‬ Sathiya sodhanai...after a tiresome box cricket was extremely thirsty, but I got only plastic bottles & plastic glasses...ennatha solla...finally got a tea cup to drink water...vidamaatomla!

Day 5: #ChennaiCostalCleanup #NoPlasticChallenge
1. Got this cool new stainless steel water bottle. So no more drinking water from plastic bottles!:)
2. Eggs for tomorrow's breakfast. But just got them wrapped in paper from a regular store by saying NO to the usual plastic bag handouts for it!:)

Gayathri Devi Selvaraj added 3 new photos — feeling Revived.
Day-3 challenge accomplished
Finding more ways to avoid plastics in day to day routine... "naval maram tumbler, comb made karungali maram, paakku mattai dish with handmade naturo soap""
Healthier options feasible at our naturo stores.....for a better living.
Cheers ‪#‎Ainthinai‬ ‪#‎CTC‬ smile emoticon smile emoticon smile emoticon
‪#‎noplasticchallenge‬ ‪#‎PlasticIsNotGarbage‬ ‪#‎chennaicostalcleanup‬

Day 4: #ChennaiCostalCleanup #NoPlasticChallengeHere we just love tea. Don't we?!:) And we need those tea strainers too. But we got the plastic ones and also the steel ones. So its clearly our choice to decide if the plastics have to exist or not, in any form! I m going zero plastic, cuz that's simply my cup of tea!:)

Day 3: #ChennaiCoastalCleanup #NoPlasticChallengeLooking for buying some prashad outside the shrine, everything is packed in some kind of plastics. ..soon came across a paati selling this cloth bag forjust Rs. 10...what more do I need? This Rs. 10 investment is going to save so many plastic bags now!

Day 3: #ChennaiCostalCleanup #NoPlasticChallengeHey Guys! Look at my cool & a brand new zero plastic razor!:) No more plastic razors, no more plastic based razor heads either. Found this at one of the supermarket near my place! Plastic less clean shave baby!;) LIFESTYLE.

#Day2 : Carry a small backpack with you always which helps you in avoiding so many plastic carry bags. Simple effort for a bigger problem.

#ChennaiCoastalCleanup #NoPlasticChallenge #CCC

Day3: Vaalai elai use panra kadai ya oru vaziah thaedi kandu pidichutaen..

Indha kadiya kandu pidikurathukulla nan patta paadu...

Pasi naerathula kolgaiya kadai pidikuradhu yevlo kastam theriyuma makkalae...

#noplasticchallenge #chennaicostalcleanup


Changed plastic/nylon body bathing scrubber to a natural product which is a vegetable shell available at local store.

Change #2

‪#‎Day1‬ Saturday ‪#‎NoplasticChallenge‬ ‪#‎CCC‬ ‪#‎ChennaiCoastalCleanup‬, Lifestyle change, little planning made it possible. Cloth bag for grocery and fruits

#Day1 #NoPlasticChallenge #CCC#ChennaiCoastalCleanup


Over 500,000,000 plastic straws are produced every day and been consumed all over the world. Unfortunately, a vast majority of these straws end up in our oceans, contributing to millions of tons of trash and over 1,000,000 seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals ingesting plastic.

It’s time to say “no” to plastic straws.

Straws its an use and throw products, before using that straw think for 5 secs without using that also we can drink any kind of liquids....


so Avoid MEDIATORS....and taste the juices and enjoy it.. (Orey gulpula juice/tender coconut kudinga)

here is my selfie....for day 1....selfie knjm kevalama dan irukum...forget about selfie..dont forget about plastic straws..........

Day 1: #ChennaiCostalCleanup #NoPlasticChallengeYEAH! No more using those plastic bottled shower gel/body wash. From now just the soap bars! A lifestyle saying NO to plastics!

April 11 near Chennai · 

Day 1: #ChennaiCoastalCleanup #NoPlasticChallengeDominos says pizza tastes better with hand.. #CTCsays juices tastes better without plastics.. Avoid straw& plactic cups!!
 — with Sundarraman Venkataraman.

Day1: Dont through plastic in garbage. Almost 99% of plastics we through in garbage, can be recycled. Today I started segregating those from garbage..#noplasticchallenge #PlasticIsNotGarbage#chennaicostalcleanup

Day 2: #ChennaiCostalCleanup #NoPlasticChallengejust out from a great sweaty yoga class and you all know how much I love the tender coconuts. From now no straws for my tender coconut water!:) Not letting the plastic win over us. Lifestyle redefined for our better future & our mother nature!

Day 3: #ChennaiCoastalCleanup #NoPlasticChallengeCarrying a vessel to a juice shop is not gonna harm anyone instead it keeps the juice hygienic till u get back home!! Appreciate & thank #CTC #CTCEmperors for taking effort to distribute the one in snap to all trekkers!! #ExploreDiscoverPreserve #AvoidPlastics



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