CTC crossed the 20 thousand count

Wednesday, September 11, 2013
As of today our member count crossed the 20.000 !

CTC went online 5.5 years ago, on Feb 22nd, 2008 as an open platform for outdoor enthusiasts to connect

Chennai Trekking Club

The group is based on fundamental values of openness, non-profit, volunteering. Over time 100+ members have grown into organizers who contributed to keeping the group non-stop active 

Our website received 1 million 7.8 lakh visits till date

Initially focused on trekking the group has now diversified in 20+ type of outdoor & sports event categories including environmental, social & educational initiatives

Total number of blog posts by our members is 615 sharing field experiences with the group

Major events in CTC's history are listed on our highlights page including many outdoor, sports and environmental awareness events

CTC appeared in at least 117 news articles since its inception

Our Facebook group has 9500 members providing an open forum to discuss and interact

In earlier days thousands of photo links from past outdoor events were shared on our Nabble forum

The group runs on open software including Google Docs, Google Maps, Blogger, Google Calendar, Picasaweb and Facebook.
Demographics - our site is being followed from all over the world -

Sources - 54% finds out through Google, 22% through referral

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