Chennai Triathlon, July 13

Wednesday, July 3, 2013
Please read this prep email carefully to prepare yourself for our Triathlon this Saturday.

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IMPORTANT UPDATE - Enticer/Sprint to report 6am sharp 
Olympic, Half iron, 3/4 iron to report 5am sharp

Venue: Anna swimming pool near Marina beach -
Must carry

Light breathable clothing
Sports shoes
Small back pack to carry essentials
Cell phone (useful to call for help while cycling)
Water bottle (useful during cycling)
Swimming trunks or suit and optionally cap/goggles
Own cycle if not opted for sponsored cycle
Original Photo ID if opted for sponsored cycle
Cap or sun screen to protect against sun for higher levels
Disclaimer form. Take print out here and bring signed to venue
Print out of cycle route map if you are not familiar

Cut off timings

Participants should complete the respective levels before the cut off timings below. Our volunteers will not support beyond these timings:

Enticer/Sprint - no time limit (average time 2.5 hours)
Olympic - 6.5 hours, 12pm (average time 5.3 hours)
Half Iron - 10 hours, 3:30pm (average time 8.5 hours)
3/4 Iron - 15 hours, 8:30pm (average time 13.5 hours)


Refreshment stalls (water, electrolyte, bananas, snickers) are provided at following locations:
  Swimming pool
  4 U-turn points along cycle route 
  Every 1.5km along running track

Assistance to fix punctures during cycling will be provided. Store these contact numbers in your mobile for assistance on punctures and cycle route:
Nobal - 9994953699
Arun - 9543694544
Vasanth - 9003014458

Medical assistance will be provided by CTC's club physio Vallaban:

Registration desk

Report to the registration desk for following:

(1) Verification of advance payment + collect fees if not yet paid
(2) Verify if sponsored cycle required + collect original photo ID (only for those who made advance payment and requested for the same)
(3) Hand over signed disclaimer form
(4) Receive your BIB and pin to t-shirt used for cycling/running
(5) You can hand your luggage for safeguarding while swimming/cycling and pick up the same at the running location

Those who bring their own cycles bring a lock to keep them safely while swimming
Before the start of the swimming section the organizers will give a short briefing on key aspects of the Triathlon

A. Swimming

Swimming will start 5:30am (Olympic, Half Iron, 3/4 Iron) or 6:30am (Enticer, Sprint). The pool has been reserved for CTC on Saturday morning so no general public will be present. One lap is 50m in length. 10 participants will swim in a single lane. Lanes have separators so you can take a break anytime. Always swim at the right side of the lane to avoid blocking opposite swimmers. Our volunteers will monitor the number of laps completed by each:

Enticer - 300m = 6 laps
Sprint - 750m = 15 laps
Olympic - 1.5K = 30 laps
Half Iron = 1.9K = 38 laps
3/4 Iron = 2.9K = 58 laps

Whenever you complete a lap please call out your BIB number to your lane volunteer to update your lap count.

B. Cycling

Immediately upon completion of the swimming section, participants can change in dressing room (and access to luggage given at registration desk) and immediately proceed with own or sponsored cycle from Anna pool along the 5 cycling routes below which all end near the running track .If you are not familiar with the route ensure to take a printout of the map below. At each U-turn point our volunteers will set up a refreshment stall and verify that you have passed through this checkpoint (keep your BIB visible). 

Enticer - 15km

Marina - Adyar - left onto LB Road - left at Tirunvanmyur signal - ECR - Neelankarai - left before Spencers (left side)

Sprint - 20km

Same as above + 5 loops along running track

Olympic - 40km

Marina - Adyar - straight over fly-over - left on OMR - straight on OMR to Navallur - take U-turn after AGS Cinemas (right side) - return on OMR till Shollingannalur Junction - right on ECR Link road - Neelankarai - U-turn after Spencers (right side)

Half Iron - 90km

Marina - Adyar - straight over fly-over - left on OMR - straight on OMR to ECR Tollgate - take U-turn - return on OMR till Shollingannalur Junction - right on ECR Link road - Neelankarai - U-turn after Spencers (right side)

3/4 Iron - 135km

Marina - Adyar - straight over fly-over - left on OMR - straight on OMR - join ECR right - proceed on ECR till - take U-turn - return on OMR till Shollingannalur Junction - right on ECR Link road - Neelankarai - U-turn after Spencers (right side)

We won't be able to put up banners/volunteers at all junctions in the city so please familiarize yourself well with the route or use your smartphone to follow the correct route.

C. Running

All participants will end their cycle section near Neelankarai where the final running section will be held. Entry is through a road next to Spencers. We have identified a 1km loop which will have to be repeated by the different levels (finish = start):

Enticer: 2 loops
Sprint: 5 loops
Olympic: 10 loops
Half iron: 21 loops
3/4 Iron: 31 loops
Upon completion of the running within the cut off time of your respective level:

(1) Our photographer will take your photo while running through finishing line
(2) Your overall completion time will be given
(3) Photo will be taken at finishing podium by our photographer
(4) Medal will be handed over to you (those who paid 400Rs)
(5) Refreshments/sandwiches are available for you
(6) Pick up your luggage handed over at registration desk/swimming pool using your BIB

E-completion certificate with individual swim/cycle/run timings can be downloaded online using your BIB within a week

10 CTC photographers will be covering random photos during the swimming, cycling and running which will be shared within a few days after the event

Wishing you all the best! Remember - completing is more important then winning!



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