Post Trip Write up - Chennai South Cycling, June 23rd

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
On Sunday morning around 20 members succeeded to get out of their lazy beds and appear at Thirunvanmiyur junction for the start of a refreshing ride along the Southern outskirts of the city.

We started off along the OMR amid the morning traffic of the never sleeping city until we hit Sholinganallur where we took left onto the ECR link road before leaving the busy tar roads onto the silent dirt track alongside the scenic Buckingham canal. The peacefulness of the surroundings immediately felt like blessing from the crowded and noisy city. As we pedaled 10km along the canal we could see high rise apartment blocks alongside the IT corridor reflecting on the water surface. The canal got wider as we moved along and more water birds appeared as it merged into the backwaters near Muttukadu.

The clouds shielded us from the rising sun and a steady West breeze blowing across the water kept us refreshed. We shortly entered the ECR before taking right towards Kelambakkam. Driving inside the backwaters we could see lots of birds including herds of pelicans and storks before halting near our usual breakfast stop at Kelambakkam for some yummy masala dosa and idly's. After 2 hours on the saddle our stomachs were letting us know it was it was time for some refueling.

Shortly touching the busy OMR we took an immediate left onto the Vandalur bypass for a few kilometers until we reached a small hill on the right side on top of which the Puthupakkam Aanjaneyar Temple was giving us breathtaking views on the surroundings, including the large IT complex as Sirruseri. We were amazed to see vasts plains of green forest untouched by the unstoppable urbanization all around it. After a short photo session we returned North along a smaller, peaceful road which goes parallel alongside OMR. 

We remained lucky that morning with the sun still dimmed by the persistent presence of the clouds. As we passed by the majestic high rise apartments of DLF garden city we took our usual stop near one of the large wells in the nearby paddy fields. Even tough the ground water level was much lower then during earlier months we could still take a refreshing dip before re-entering heavy city traffic again near Shollinganallur. The 5 hour ride outside the city limits was enough to refresh body and soul and return with a rejuvenated mind back into the concrete jungle we call our home...

CU all on the next one...

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