Post Trek Writeup 1 - Emperors 3 days Cycle Trip to Ooty - 1,2,3rd March 2013

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Excellent Post Trek Write Up from Elanchezhiyan:

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Feb 28 around 8.50 pm,I just entered Chennai central railway station to take part in a journey, again it was Emperor's organised by Prem, since i was new to this team ,usually i involved in tree plantation and Prem welcomed me and the only known face to me isjagadeesh who came to hand over tickets since he had dropped at last minute due to some reason, then it was bit of confusion since the names in which ticket were booked had some changes,and some of us have to remember the dummy names, my name was in the list and premtold to show the i/d to TT, at 9.15 the train started its journey and we were still in confusion of our dummy names,
whileHari was memorizing the name allotted to him to his adjust end side TT was preparing the chart he never bothered us and busy on his work finally after long verification TT  was satisfied the wayraghuram clarified his dough ts and collected his additional charges as per govt norms.

Then its was time for our Dinner,Prem have bought both veg and non veg biriyani from well known Dinudukal Thalapikatti ( original trade mark ) we all ate in same coupe as same Emperors style after this, we were just in chat for a while and eagerly waiting for arrival of next station to purchase of coke or pepsi to quench our thirst but till 2.00 am we can't able to get any thing and we put all our back packs in one of allotted berth and then i slept, hari was in opposite portion,

at about 5.30 am the train was nearing kovai and prem told next 45 min's we will reach M.palayam and commanded us to get refreshed in train itself since our next halt would be at night.

DAY 1 ( 1.3.2013)

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Venkat sir and few others joined here and was a warm welcome to them, he was carrying huge parcels which was prepared and given by his wife to us for the morning breakfast,at 7.15 the heritage hill train stated with its own style,and had stopped at regular stations surya started his photo shoots and he had also took one foreign lady with a different style of cap.we started our breakfast with idlies with variety of chutneys and even podi also provided for us, then kaimurukku and variety of snacks were provided for us, the best one is pazhani panjaamirtham, tasting panjaamirtham in ooty train is completely different: thanks
about 12.00 we reached coonoor were we met Hari ( other person ) now the train was bit faster and at last reached ootystation,

the truck with our cycles is delayed and mean while prem had planned to have our lunch near by place then start the journey and again it was provided byvenkat sir lime and curd rice with spicy pickle archana never ate any thing other that some snacks we thought she was in fasting on fridays ( should ask her).  again the truck was delayed vasanth was making a call for us and updated the correct status, by this time we have entered one indoor cycle spot all have enjoyed riding and this was warm up for before start up the journey and  their were no sign of truck and we decided to make a walk and not to waste any more time; finally at about 3.00pm truck arrived with 17 cycles, we all geared up quickly and started the trip the car was followed byvenkat  sir and others and then truck also followed us. it was completely up hill i find very difficult and not crossed 5 km was  struggling then vasanth cheered me while on the the school children gave us glucose and oranges; thanks to them,

sandeep was the first who had got some injuries strong man never bothered it and continued his journey and second wasshobana who got hurt in her fingers and was boarded in car, now  venkatsir stared his cycling ; i and vikram was inside the car now vijay was driving after a long distance we have stopped near tea shop and had tea and mini bonda ( all bonda's was finished by us ) and it was almost 5.00 prem told the team in car to purchase the food items for our dinner both veg and non veg menu was prepared and purchase was under progress and we have to reach manjore were vasanth anduday arranged place for night stay now all cyclist started the journey and it was 37 hairpin bends and most was down hill, what a journey it was almost 6.00 in the evening riding downhill is really enjoyable that too very lonely place we can't even find any people in our eye sight

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karthiee and i, was riding down hill with a great pleasure the last few kms is up hill which is very difficult for us; i was just walking alone in dark after few hair pin bend i found karthiee and hari was waiting for me, then again we started walking to hilltop were our place were situvated, on the some had tender coconut and we are assembled here and lifted our cycles to the top place, where we planed to stay day 1 night, the place was so cute with 3 to 4 rooms which was newly built i think, mean while vasanth and others were on the way to get get dinner for us which was prepared in nearby place, both veg non veg were prepared our menu is barota with veg and chicken curry and even omelets were also supplied by them.

before our dinner it was intro. session which was started by karthiee  and finiallyprem ended at that he had a call from his mother he made us to be silent for a moment and started attending his mother call prem softly told that " amma i 'm in office i will call you later bye bye!!!!! what it this organizer............
night dinner was ready for us, veg was served by shobana andarchana, again they have skipped the dinner, thick blankets were brought byvasanth, our strong biker bharani have arrived and will accompanying us asusual we went for a sleep at end of day 1.

DAY 2:
we all wake up as early at 6.00 and refreched as typical indian style and we planned to go near by falls  the name is katerifalls, then we had a good breakfast very nearby a small hotel were egg dosa are provide and  bananas for all of us.
it was now down hill i started with premthe idea is to go the falls which was faraway from us, but it was dropped since two of our member have already moved to coonoor which is nearly 30 kms, our target is to reach for lunch and this is almost up hill and again i was struggling we have photos shoots near dam and marched forward on the way surya exchanged the cycle since it was puncher ed and i was again walking with cycles  then moved it to the truck, after few kms we stopped near charms tea estate and had varity of tea with a good flavours and also purchased for our home.

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at last we reached coonoor and had a wonderful lunch both veg and non veg were served for us, after lunch our target is Katherine falls and then to kothagiri  karthiee have booked night stay for us,

after lunch car team was started little bit late since they have to consulted with doctor for shobana for her injury :  suryaand myself was now in bike and started our memorable journey to Katherine falls it was superb  ride uphill, down hill, isolated places by the time 4.30 or may be 5.00 we are heading towards Katherine falls here Hari joined us and we were following last before the truck and people in car which waited in for consulting doctor also joined at end.

around 5.30 or even last one strange thing happened it was archana cycle which got break failed while driving down hill and she fell down this made us a set back in our journey, young girls full of joyful face was caught into trouble and karthee and his team took her to near by hospital thanks to hari who had noticed her in such a long distance we decided to return back but two of our cyclist have almost reached it seams so prem decided to go to the end place for them since it almost dark ans not a safer place for them, while we are on the we found three to four bysons blocked our way and again we are getting late to go to end and return back,

when we reached the Katherine falls it was completely dark , the fall was totally
dry so it is unsafe to go back by riding cycles so we decided to use the truck we split-ed in two groups and started back to bus terminus and then few kms walk.bharini and vasanth started first with bike and first group in truck followed, then i and arun moved to kothagiri by bus and karthiee picked us and dropped near our day night stay place such a wonderful place please see the pictures, as soon as we entered in to the hall we found archanain her smiling face and was almost recovered. i just took nice showers even though it is chill water we had great tiffen idlies were provided and by that time second batch have also arrived the place finished the night food. 

around 11.00 pm the camp fire was set and again the discussion started venkat sir shared his experiences during trekking and photos from surya and bharani also combined side by side, then prem also shared the funniest moments during his trekking.around 2.00 we slowly started for a sleep and decided to wind up. the climate was so chill we all were covered with thick woolen blankets and prem told the final day trip must cover as much as possible 

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Day 3 sunday

after refreshing our self and again breakfast was arranged for us and venkak sir and i think vijay took the car and brought for us then it final travelling session for us prem suggested three choice for us we all decided to go tokodanad veiw point and back for lunch and returned to mettupalayam.
again we started in a wonderful passion ( view the photos please) on the way now it was uday cycle met with problem and he some how rectified it, then vijay also met with so major problem and his cycle is back in to truck, again we moved to kodanad estate were greenish greenish every were.

shobana, vidthya  and i preferred walking in that place, walking alone beside the tea estate is really as equal as  walking in heaven ( i don't know how heaven will be) then around 2.30 we reached the kodanad view point and spent a few minute's there, here we met one off STF personnel who encouraged us and recommend us to go for trek in that place.

at 3.00 we caught a mini bus and moved to kothagiri hill top for our lunch, now this was veg one and here also we had a great lunch, after lunch it was about 4.30 and we have to go down about 45 kms to mettupalayam to conclude the journey . the last path we started now surya is placed on top roof of truck and i was inside, before us car started its way. now it was turn for karthee cycle it was also boarded in truck, and after lunch it was thrilling experience for bharani andramesh since ramesh had left his bag inside the bus and later on recollected it with help of bharani and his bike.

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now at last stage vasanth  and v.prasadalso met in trouble with their cycles  and they some how managed to complete it. the last part was full down hill with little bit vehicle passing opposite of us and the three days journey came to an end with lot of memories and some set back. it was around 5.45 we completed the cycling in ooty villages and all cycleswas board ed back in to truck and viyay, a.m vel have decided to move to their home place from mettupalayam, and venkat sir, karthee, bharani started towards with their vehicle to kovai to get night dinner for 
us. we moved towards the rail way station which was nearly 2.5 kms walk. again nilgiri express D4 coach was booked for us and again some small adjustment in berths we moved towards kovai werevenkat sir and karthiee provided lunch for us from annapoorna hotel, and even non veg food also provided for us at about 12.00 we start our sleep by early 4.30 one of the porter waked up us saying central arrived in his own slang. we thanked each other and this time also vasanth provided me with bus fare since it was early morning and was back in to my regular work thanks to Emperor's as well as Masiwho made a green signal for me to this trip as this age. My special thanks toPrem, uday,vasanth,karthiee,venkat sir,ramesh,sasi,sandeep,sukrit,arun,a.mvel,vijay,hari,raghu,suriya,hari,bharani,varaprasad,babu sir,vikram,shobana,vidhya,archana who took parts in this journey.
for me after a walk for a life time, it was cycling,walking,truck ing for a life time




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