Post trip write up - MTBX-2 Offroading March 16

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Let me share my best moment of the trip. 
1. Mini Lorry drive from Thiruvanmiyur to Tiruporur. Standing at the back of the lorry enjoying the Cool, breezy convergence of concrete trees to actual green trees, the fun was un- imaginable. As we drove towards to the destination, the excitement of off-roading increased, glad to see that there is some nature preserved around Chennai. Saw some amazingly low flying Great White Pelican, Grey-headed Lapwing, many more...
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2. Food is interesting part of mylife and CTC has an amazing talent to sight the best possible food joints. RamNivas, was kind enough to serve us Hot Pongal,  idli and Vada. Gave the energy for me to stay active till almost 3 pm. 
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3. Drive on the Lake bank, though the initial part of the off-roading was easier, the Bank was interesting. During last off-roading this is where most of the punctures happened. I was cautions while driving to reduce punctures. 
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4. Dip in the Well, I am not sure how many people would love to do this. But lived in Chennai all my life, hard to see a well of that size and after close to 3 hours of ride and punctures - that was an awesome dip. Though I was cautioned by my family not to venture into water, this restricted not to dive from the top but the swim in the well was awesome. Next opportunity I will dive as well. 
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5. Rajiv cycle puncture, when I saw him treating the fresh glued tube with stones - knew we are in trouble. Sarcastically I was discussing with Arun K and Gowri we need a fresh tube. That was amazing, in previous punctures we used search for holes, but in this case we have to search for clean tube without holes. We would have made easily more that 10 markings, me and Gowri had to do thesis on how to cover all the holes with remaining ration glue and the stickers. Lucky Arun had got a fresh tube, that moment I felt the real need of a spare tube. 
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6. The best part of the drive was post this puncture.  More than an hour having our side (Imaging my wet clothes got dried), both aruns discussed & concluded that we will be in two groups - first group will proceed to the destination and we have to follow them. Given the fact Arun K was our navigator and we had left with no option to depend only on this memory rest of the trail. Small group of 6, with Rajiv trying to catch with us - we are zipping on our cycles. Tried all kinds of terrain on that drive. I must commemorate this small teams dedication to be united, inspite the sun is scorching us from the top. 
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7. Water : Felt the real need of water. Every 30 mts had to wet internal organs with some fluid. Every bit of water was shared among the team. Every possible resource was tapped for water.
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8. My practice for Triathlon : To test our endurance, myself and Arun K decided to do the max speed on the ECR back to Mahabs A2B. It was an 8 kms drive, SUN and Head winds acting as heavy resistance we managed to do cover 8 kms in less than 25 mts. 
9. A2B food, as explained above CTC ability to find the best place - this was defiantly was not a disappointment. Wacked a 3 course meal with a milkshake to topup. 
What an accomplishment, it really felt that we have completed a good mission. 
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Things to learn form this experience. 
1. Never ignore the organizers pre-requisites. The spare tube (continue the rest of the journey) and a spare clothes (holy dip in the well) certainly gave me a relief during the off roading. 
2. Always bring the best possible tools while travelling in a team. Never compromise the quality on the articles we carry. It will help you and more the others in the team. 
3. Volunteering it is very important, though me, gowri and couple of others are not the organisers we managed to pitch in with some help. Glad to know that many contributed to their best extent possible. 
4. Team work, Cooperation, motivation - we did demonstrate as explained earlier in my item 6. Rajiv - at some point had problem in keep the pace. We managed to slow a bit but he realised that and started to keep pace with us. The group demonstrated amazing Teamwork, Cooperation and we motivated each other. 
Time to signout. Hope to participate or organise more treks in near future for CTC. CTC is really motivating me to do well in my professional career in many ways.  



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